What is Listaller?

Listaller unifies the way you manage software on your Linux distribution, by providing an user-friendly application-centered software manager GUI.

We also provide a software setup package format (IPK-packages), which works on all Linux distributions and provide tools to make your application-binaries work on every distro. The package format is based on AppStream metadata.

The project has merged with Autopackage some time ago.

One of Listaller's strengths is it's close integration with AppStream and PackageKit. This means that you will be able to manage Listaller-installed applications with your favourite package-manager, like GNOME-PackageKit, Apper or even the Ubuntu Software Center.

Listaller is primarily designed to be run on Linux distributions, but it might also work e.g. on *BSD if someone decides to work on integration.

Try Listaller?

Just go to our download page to get the most recent release of Listaller.

We also provide experimental packages for some distributions

We need help!

Do you want to support the Listaller project? Great! You can help translating the Listaller applications to other languages, help writing the documentation, design new banners or icons and - of course - help developing the Listaller toolset.

If you want to get in contact with us, feel free to write a message to our mailinglist! As an alternative, you might want to check the IRC channel #PackageKit on Freenode.