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Listaller Core

Contains the PackageKit plugin, the core library and everything you need to build cross-distro applications and IPK packages

The most recent release is Listaller 0.6.0

You can download source tarballs for Listaller from here.

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Listaller Frontends

Listaller frontends are - primarily - the existing PackageKit frontends like Apper or GNOME-PackageKit. But a special Listaller frontend is required if you want to have a nicer setup process and you want to make use of some Listaller-specific functions, for example installing into user's $HOME.

Also, Listaller frontends provide a very nice way to manage installed applications. If you want this extra-stuff, take a look at your disribution's repository if they have packages already. If not, perform one of the following steps:


There is no official Listaller support from GNOME yet, but some simple helper tools exist.

Download the Listaller-GNOME sources from here, compile and install them and you should be able to take full advantage of Listaller functionality. For basic things, GNOME-PackageKit should already be enough.


Listaller modules are part of Apper. If you have the source-code, compile Apper using the -DLISTALLER=ON build-flag, install it and everything should be working. (Make sure you have Listaller's development files installed)