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4.3. Dependency types

Description of dependency separation and handling in Listaller

4.3.1. Rationale

Listaller distinguishes between so-called Framework-dependencies and Module-dependencies to simplify dependency-solving and to reflect the organization of packages on a Linux system.
While Frameworks are provided by the distributor and are hard-wired into the system, Modules can be installed by Listaller from 3rd-party sources.
In an ideal world, packages only depend on Frameworks, but currently it might sometimes be necessary to pull Modules from 3rd-party sources (of course Listaller will query the distribution's package database for the Module-dependency, before pulling it from somewhere else).
Modules and Frameworks are described in small textfiles, which are shipped with Listaller. Module dependencies may also be present in Listaller packages. If some description files are missing, please file a bug report against Listaller, requesting inclusion by default.