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Listaller API Reference
ListallerAppItem — Application entry
ListallerErrorItem — Return type describing an error
ListallerUpdater — All necessary methods to keep installed applications up-to-date
ListallerManager — Allows managing Listaller applications
ListallerSetup — Performs the installation of an IPK package
ListallerSetupSettings — Class to store settings of a IPK setup.
ListallerKeyManager — Manage Listaller's GPG-Key database
ListallerIPKSecurityInfo — Simple package security information
ListallerIPKControl — Generic IPK package control data
ListallerIPKDependency — Information about a shared resource
ListallerIPKChangelog — Retrieve information from application changelogs
ListallerMessageObject — Class providing basic message handling
ListallerReport — Report generator
utils — Common utility functions used by Listaller
More Information
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary
Listaller Tools Manual Pages
appcompile — Compile software automatically
depscan — Detect binary dependencies
lig++ — Wrapper around g++ to create more portable apps
ligcc — Wrapper around gcc to create more portable apps
likey — Manage Listaller's key database
lipa — Listaller command-line tool
lipkgen — Listaller package builder
relaytool — Generate a file that can be used instead of linking directly against a library
runapp — Run an application